EZ Pay

EZPay will approve applications with as low as a 470 FICO; you’ll be equipped for almost every customer; that’s why thousands of merchants highly value EZPay.

  EZPay Provides:ree

  • Same Day Funding – Your Money ASAP
  • Instant On-Line Approvals
  • No Monthly Fee, No Set-Up Fee, No Equipment to Buy
  • Second Look” approvals after "A" lender denials
  • Generous Approvals
  • No Paperwork Collection Frustrations
  • 90 Days SAC
  • No Down Payment Required!


Your Customers:

  • No Down Payment, No Application Fees, No Processing Fees
  • Up to 2 Year Terms with No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Credit up to $4,000.00  
  • Their Choice of Payment Date(s)

 Contact us 760-671-6274                                          info@homako.pro